Self Referencing

Finding tenants for your property can sometimes be a piece of cake especially if they are a friend of a friend or someone you know, but did you know, you cannot get Rent Protection if your potential tenants have not been referenced and passed! 

So, on top of offering one of the cheapest “no catches” tenant find services on the market, we now offer a Pay As You Go Self Reference service where all you pay for is the reference(s) you need.

You can also purchase Rent Protection for only £349 (inc IPT) AND we’ll administer the policy throughout the tenancy for you, giving you complete peace of mind and a single point of contact!

You will need:

  • The Full rental address
  • Tenancy details such as: Rent amount, Security deposit amount, tenancy term and move in date
  • Name, Phone Number and Email address of each person you would like to reference. It helps to know if a guarantor will be required for your tenants, you can FIND OUT HERE – We can help out here too, with a guarantor replacement service _ The tenant pays a small fee each month and a guarantor is in place, just in case!
  • Your Payment: We accept debit/credit cards or bank transfer

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